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Friday, November 10, 2017

Thankful and Grateful

Being Thankful and Grateful...

Month on November brings gratitude .. I am very thankful for all my blessings and my family Thanksgiving is around the corner. Its the most wonderful time of the year. I love holidays, I know different holidays have different meanings to people of different religion. I love the celebration part, joy and happiness of having friends and family around, lots of food.

Since my kids are getting older we have started doing thanksgiving dinner. Just for our family. Turkey is too much for us as we don't eat too much meat. Chicken is enough for our family. We make mashed potatoes, bake some croissants, green beans and stuffing (I love) and Cake for desert. Oh yeah corn bread not to forget.   I have many times given a Indian twist to the bland food, but it has been growing on me. We also have a tradition we set the table but before we start eating we all have to say we are thankful for ...

Every year my workplace also had celebrated with a thanks giving meal close to Thanksgiving. Place I work now does not do that... come on people appreciate and be thankful for the people. I also used to eat with my kids when they were in elementary. I was so happy when one of my kid told me that they are serving pumpkin bread at school, and they would love to buy it and bring it for me since I don't go to school to eat with them anymore. Emotional mommy moment sweetness.

Simple traditions that will last long, I love these.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Book Club

Book Club

I am part of a neighborhood book club now, its a blessing, as I always wanted to join a book club, but was never able to.
All the book clubs I knew were farther from home, so going to attend on a weeknight after work and after taking care of the dinner for the family, always seemed like a fantasy. I know there might be so many moms out there who are like me. Once I am home I don't want to go anywhere if not necessary.

Since my book club is in the neighborhood, so very close by. Its a small group of 8 ladies. We keep on trying to encourage more ladies to join often. Our starting member is retired as an English teacher, she keeps the schedule and keeps track of suggested books. Books and hosts are decided 3 months in advance, so people have time to buy books and read. Its so interesting these days to see the technology we have some of us do Audiobooks, some use Kindle some read real books some of us also use libraries to loan the books, since all versions are available in libraries these days.

Many a times there's a member or two who has not read the book or was not able to finish it. We still like them to join and participate in our discussions. As they tell us where they lost interest or why they were not able to get into the book. My realization as I listen to lot of books while commuting to and from my work. Its easier to finish a book when  you are listening, even  if you are not fully into it. I love our book club meetings as the discussion starts with the book, and the author. We also talk about similar experiences related to real life. Story takes a different meaning to some people. sometimes my perspective changes to the story after the discussion.

Another thing that I like about the book club, they pick the books that I would have not picked usually. So its like a surprise to unfold and finish. We have read many historic fiction books. Its fun to discuss the books that has a movies related to  the story. Discussing old times with new times, old trends with new trends. Some books are from different countries. We had deserts from that country. Thanks to the internet availability we look at the pictures of that time periods of the places mentioned in the books.

Any one who's motivated enough to setup a book club I can suggest some ideas to keep it simple
  1. We meet once a month with Wine and dessert (Host Provides)
  2. We get to know our neighbors
  3. Its fun to look at our neighbors homes, so differently and beautifully decorated
  4. everyone takes turn in hosting the book club.
  5. We are planning on including guys to the discussion as well, not sure how it will change our discussions of if it will change anything at all.
  6. Host also leads the discussion doesn't have to be the host, but we want everyone to have this option.
  7. Find Pictures of places mentioned in the book (Last book we read was about a trail, one of the members marked the map to show the trail)
  8. Find food from that country
  9. Find books from different cultures and talk about them
  10. There will always be some books that no one will like, its ok
  11. Find interesting facts about the book and the author (available on internet)
  12. Find interesting quotes from the book (available on internet) 
  13. Find interesting questions to discuss (available on internet)

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

My Book My Life

My Book My Life

We all live and create a story that's called life. One choice made leads to another and another... It unfolds the story of our life.

Are there any choices that I would like to redo or not make yes, but I like where it lead me so far. I like the end result, so if my end result will change if I redo my choices then no I wont change anything. There are some mistakes that I wont make again.

How many books have we read where people mention that so many people we meet we cross our paths with. Where are they now, we never see them again. So many schools friends that were so important in that moment are long gone. I have no clue where they are and what they are up to. Do they ever think the same, like I do sometimes.

Some friends I try to find on social media, knowing that I am not even  sure if I  can recognize their faces if I see them now. Names have changes personalities have changed. people have moved but they had a part in my life. They played a character in my book, some had important part and some were barely present. I wish everyone best and hope their book in which I was a character is also very interesting.

Kuch log kabhi kabhi yaad aatey hai

Kuch cherey jo dhundaley ho gaye hai

kisi bheed main kho gaye hai

zindagi ki zaddo jahat main ulajh gaye hai

Kabhi dikh gaye to shayad pehchann lengey

unsey unka haal chaal jaan lengey

panno main dabey kirdaar nikal aatey hai
Kuch log kabhi kabhi yaad aatey hai

Friday, July 1, 2016

I know everything I have done everything

I  know everything I have done everything !!

Don't we all sometimes meet some people,  who assume and want you to believe that they know every thing. They  have done everything  been  everywhere.
Any thing you  can  think of has happened to them or they  know some one who has been  through.

I  have met  a few people of this kind,  and seems like I am meeting  more and more lately. I  might  have this in me a little I wonder sometimes but then,  I  also  know that I  don't  make up stuff. I also  give the person  who's talking there attention  that they need. Seems like my  tolerance level  has gone down for this kind of people. Not that I have stopped any one from  doing  what they do. I  have stopped reacting to the blabber. I wonder sometime,  is it some kind of complex in people that people have to prove that they know more than  the other person. Just to prove something that you  cannot know more than  me. Which  might  be completely  wrong. I  am not  a psychologist, but I have trying  to  analyze people,  what are they  getting out of this. Does it mean  that people are so  desperate to  get the limelight that they can  steal from you.

I have also met some that, you  change your picture,  they will change it right away. You  try to celebrate something they have to  do  it before you even  if it's just a day  before yours. You wear a color they will too very next day. You go  some where,  they will also go there. Your kids do  something,  there kids can do better. How many friends you  got they have to  be their friends too. They have to have more friends than you.  Come on  stop it now had enough,  we are not competing against anyone. If you want to  compete do  it in good stuff,  I  am  unable to  volunteer,  why  don't you do that. Go help people show the world how much  better person you are. I  like to  read and learn  why don't you learn and study more. Why  not try to be a better person instead of just running after illusions.

Some are so  full of themselves that you  can tell they are lying and making  up stuff. They know all about technology, music, people, cocktails, martial arts,  travel, medical stuff,  discoveries, babies, elderly, work (not just mine but everyone's). They know how to talk, how to  walk, how to handle things. I  guess there's nothing left to learn any more. I  want to ask Is there anything  that you would like to know that you don't know.  All you  can  do  is just  listen  with a smile on  your face. I  am  still  trying  to  learn  not to  get bothered with people like that. They  might have a complex in  them  that they have to feed to make them feel better. Again  just my  assumption. One of my aim in life is not to judge people.

God please help me.. and keep me on the right path. I don't  want to make anyone feel small and less valued. As everyone has their own  journey of life and their own story to write.


Monday, May 23, 2016

No Girl only Boy

Few comments make me mad and I  want to  scream  this is wrong.

I  met  a very  nice lady at  work. She is a Temp helping  out  with  a project. She is from  Morocco, looks nice and very courteous. I  helped her  with the scanner and she said "shukriya"  (Thank you in  Urdu). I  happened to  be in  a room  with  her  for a while and we started chatting  as women do. Exchanged names how long  we have lived in  the city  and all. Then  she asked me how many  kids I  have,  and I  asked her the same. She said only one. When  asked Boy  or a Girl,  her answer  made me mad.

She said Boy  only  no girl,  this is not  a good world to  have a Girl. I  never thought this is an  awful world to  have a girl. There might be some bad people in  this world and some women do  go  through hardships. Should that prevent  us from  having  girls. What  are you  going  to  do  when  there's only  men in  this world. We should try  to  make this a better place for our kids. Boy  or a Girl. If she already  has this perception, isn't  she unintentionally teaching  her  kid a wrong  thing. This is beyond my  imagination that people so  much  educated and living  in this modern  world are thinking  like this and a women is so  afraid to being  another  women in  this world. I  wanted to  ask what  will  happen  with  your husband if she wasn't born  and she would have not  her  son in  this world.

What  are Daddy's doing, Isn't  a  girl  supposed to  be his daddy's princess. Do  men not  want  to  have a daughter and cherish her. These are the times when  I  am very  thankful to  be born  in  the country and family  I  am  born  in. I  was always given  the freedom  to study any subject. I  had freedom  to  choose my  career. Always had freedom to speak  and think,  before and after marriage. I  am  also  blessed to  be married in  a very good family. Where My  mother-in-law a very strong  women raise very  strong daughters. My sister-in-laws are also carrier oriented independent women.

Don't let  few incidents scare you. Its a beautiful world out there. Daughter is mom's best friend, Have daughters and raise them to  be independent  and confident women. Who  can  make this world a much  a wonderful place for all of you.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Slim vs Fit

I  also  dream  that one day  I  will  have the so  called best figure. I  will  be able to  wear  those short  dresses  "by  short  I  mean  short  at  waist"

Like everyone I  have my  own  struggles with my weight and health. I  won't  say  too bad, but  enough to  make me do  something  about  it. I  actually  gained a lot  after birth of my  second kid. Now I  look  back  and think  why  did I  let  this happen  to  me. I  lived in  such a beautiful  part of Germany. I  should have walked my  weight  off, and I  love walking. but  I  guess easier to  look  back  and say  things. I  had a toddler with  me lot of house-hold stuff to  take care and all. Sounds like excuses to  me now but that used to  be  my  reasoning.

I  always knew that I  want  to  maintain a healthy  weight. I  don't diet, I  always try  to eat  healthy. so  I  am  not  those people who keeps staring  at a piece of chocolate and keep thinking  about  when  I  will  stop  dieting. I  will  actually  pick  up  the chocolate and eat it. Portion  control  is some thing  that I  am  working on. I  should not  eat  the second piece of chocolate. I  don't  want  to  fit into  a dress or swim suit  for few days. I  want  to  feel good about  self and stay that way.

I  love carbs and who doesn't,  I  eat  bread,  tortillas,  potatoes,  rice in  moderation just  because it causes me bloating  and stomach ache.

I  exercise,  I  love doing  Zumba and elliptical in  the Gym. I  enjoy  group  exercises with  loud music as they  don't  make me  feel  that  I  am  working  out. I run every now and then. Not  a big  fan  of running, but  I  have done  my 2nd  10K and am planning to continue them  every year.

I  hate getting  on  a scale,  I  don't want  my  life to  be obsessed by  number. I  know when  my  pants don't  fit, and I  know when they  get  loose. So without scale I try  to  manage.

I  would like to  call my  self that I  am on  path to  getting  fit not getting  Slim.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Pandora or Spotify

It really  amazes me when  my  little boy who's not  even  a teen  knows more about the technology. I  am  not  an  ignorant mom I  think  I know my  fair share about the ever changing  technology. Now on  second thoughts I  don't  think  I  can  keep  up  with  my  kids.

Son  : Mom what  do  you  use for radio?
Mom : Pandora
Son : Have you  tried Spotify?
Mom : No why  same internet  radio ?
Son : Don't  you  get  ads or Do  you  have the paid one with  no  ads?
Mom : I  do  get ads they  are annoying  but oh  well
Son : Try  Spotify
Mom : Why  does that have no  ads
Son : It does but  once you  watch  an  ad you  don't  get  ads for next  30 minutes. So  its better to  watch  one ad and be ad free for 30 minutes. Isn't that nice, try  it  next  time.

Mom is sold but still too  lazy  to  download a new app and mess with it. May  be I  will  get  to  it  some day.

with this he now walks in  the house with  tablet playing  his favorite songs,  showing  off trying  to  play  DJ with the volume buttons.

This also  makes me think  of my  mom who still  like listen  to  the real  radio. Old school with  batteries in  the radio  off the air not  on  internet.

I  don't  even  think kids these day  can understand such  thing  exists,  people can  survive without internet

Me watching different generations and comparing with a sigh !!

Monday, May 9, 2016

A beautiful women dosen't flirt she simply smiles

I  read it  some where,  and loved it.

Isn't that true, beauty lies in the eye of beholder. Just  believing  that I  am  beautiful  gives so much confidence. I had seen  an  ad for Dove,  when they  were telling  people that they  look  beautiful. Just  by  listening  to  this people had a genuine smile on their  face and they  looked pretty  or handsome. I  think  every  one's beautiful in  a way.  We live in  this beautiful world. Once you  start looking  for beauty you  will  start seeing  in  every where. Well this is about beautiful women will  flirt or not. I  think  when  you  believe in  your self you  don't  need to  flirt. You  will radiate so  much positivity and charm  that people will  notice with out  flirting.

Not that flirting,  not  bad if it  works for some. We can  also  say that Smile can  be just another way for flirting (hansi  to  phansi) ..

I  believe in  keep  smiling  and believe in  your self. There's lot to  do  in  this world don't  get  lost in  appearances. The Soul and thoughts should be beautiful.

Share your thoughts

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Road Rage

When  you  hear  road  rage,  you  think  of people speeding racing on  the road. In  my  case Road Rage is when  I  have to  honk  at  people. I don't  speed or race with  any one. I  commute almost  two  hours a day, on  weekdays. I  also  like to  keep  a safe distance from  the car  in  front  of me. I  am  also  not  a very  much lane changer. As I  have realized that every time I  change my  lane the other  one starts going  faster,  So  I  hardy mess with  changing  lanes often. I  would like to  admit  that I  don't  love driving, as much  as I  l enjoy sitting on  the passenger seat. Not that I  hate driving.  I  commute everyday  and try  not  to  complain  about  it.

During  this time I  really  enjoy  listing  to  FM or I have become regular  with  listening  to  my audiobooks, I  don't  mind it,  is  what  I  am  trying  to  say. Then  I  see people going  crazily on  the road  non stop changing  lanes,  keeping no distance  from  the car in  front  of them. People I  really cannot  stand is the ones who cut  in  front  of you without  an indicator or without  enough space for them  to  move in  the lane. That's when  I  usually  honk, but do  they  even  care or listen. So  my  guess is I  honk  for my  satisfaction, as they are not  going  to  change.

So  one day  I  decided,  let  me control  myself and let  them  be and not  honk  at  them  at  all. It  was really  hard at  first  but  then  I  got  used to  ignoring  those people. I  take this as an  opportunity  to  teach  myself that if I  can control  my  self only  this much  that will  help  me in  long  run. Eventually  I  will  be able to  ignore much  bigger things that I  don't  have control  over.

Just  my  thoughts ....Keep driving and stay  safe  

Friday, April 29, 2016

My Dad's Birthday Today

Happy  Birthday  to  you  dear  Papa...  How much  I  wish  that you  would have been  here in  this world with  us. We all miss you  a lot, I  really wish that the times should have been  different, and you can come to  visit  me and stay  with  us. Spend good times with  your grandkids. They remember you from  your last  visit.

My  Papa would have been  75 years old today. My  Dad passed away January  of 2013,  he was gone very  soon,  but then  I  cannot  say  very  soon he actually  really  suffered enough. I  don't  wish that he should have suffered even  a single day more then he actually  did. My  dad was diagnosed with Blood Cancer in simple language. Disease was diagnosed at a very  advanced level. He passed away with  a month  of being  diagnosed. During  this one month  we nearly  lost  him once.

I  don't  want the focus to  my thoughts on  his disease or his suffering. As till the very  end he didn't complain he kept  on  telling  everyone I  am  fine (main theek hoon). He was very  self sufficient even  working as much  as he can till  very  end. I  hope I  am  as strong  as he was. He lived a very  good life.  He was a very  happy  person. A Mechanical  Engineer,  very  hands on. He saw many  ups and downs in  career. He was really  good at  what  he did, except  judging  people. He joined his hands with some bad and selfish partners in  his business. He was able to  stand up  straight  from  the losses,  and was positive and restarted his business.  I  have learned a lot  from  him  about  tools and how to  use. He was also very  Tech  Savvy. He loved to  read and educate himself,  Newspapers Magazines Self help books. He taught  himself how to  use computer and was very  proficient at  it. His communication skills were really  good. 

He enjoyed Traveling,  Driving, Good Food,  Music, Dancing. He was a popular person  in  the society,  very  social. He tried his best to help  people as much  as he can. He used to  donate blood often. Education  was very  important to  him,  he always told us to  educate ourselves more. He wanted to  see his kids in  good positions. I  don't  know some times I  feel  we  did not  talk as much  as we should have talked. We didn't each other how much  we loved each other. I  don't  have any  regrets but  I  think I  could have done more,  or we should have done little more.

I  miss you  dearly... on  this day  and everyday.